Long tunnels

Long tunnels

Best estimates suggest that there are around 600 disused railway tunnels in the UK – some of them are extraordinary structures. Below is a list of tunnels which are over 1,000 yards in length. The longest exceeds 3 miles.

We don’t claim that it’s definitive – if you know of one we’ve missed, please drop us an email.

The known status of the two portals is given in brackets alongside the bore type, with the south/west portal described first. Click here for the key.

The title link goes to a story, gallery or external website giving more information or pictures of that tunnel.

Woodhead New5,346 yds
Opened1954CompanyBritish Rail
Closed1981BoreDouble (gate/gate)
LocationDunford Bridge, South Yorks
Standedge Down 5,342 yds
Opened1849CompanyLondon & North Western
Closed1966BoreSingle (gate/gate)
LocationMarsden, West Yorkshire
Standedge Up5,342 yds
Opened1871CompanyLondon & North Western
Closed1966BoreSingle (gate/gate)
LocationMarsden, West Yorkshire
Woodhead Down5,302 yds
Opened1845CompanySheffield Ashton-u-Lyne & Manchester
Closed1954BoreSingle (gate/gate)
LocationDunford Bridge, South Yorks
Woodhead Up5,302 yds
Opened1852CompanyManchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire
Closed1954BoreSingle (gate/gate)
LocationDunford Bridge, South Yorks
Rhondda (Blaen-y-Cwm)3,443 yds
Opened1890CompanyRhondda & Swansea Bay
Closed1968BoreSingle (buried/buried)
Locationnr Treherbert, Sth Wales
Catesby2,997 yds
Opened1898CompanyGreat Central
Closed1966BoreDouble (gate/gate)
Locationnr Daventry, Northants
Victoria2,706 yds
Opened1849CompanyLondon & North Western
Closed1972BoreDouble (open/open)
Bolsover (Scarcliffe)2,624 yds
Opened1897CompanyLancashire Derbyshire & East Coast
Closed1951BoreDouble (buried/bricked)
LocationBolsover, Derbyshire
Queensbury2,501 yds
Opened1878CompanyGreat Northern
Closed1956BoreDouble (flooded/gate)
LocationQueensbury, West Yorks
Merthyr (Abernant)2,497 yds
Opened1853CompanyVale of Neath
Closed1962BoreSingle (gate/gate)
LocationMerthyr Tydfil, Sth Wales
Gildersome2,331 yds
Opened1900CompanyLondon & North Western
Closed1966BoreDouble (buried/door)
Locationnr Morley, West Yorks
Drewton2,114 yds
Opened1885CompanyHull Barnsley & West Riding Junction
Closed1959BoreDouble (obstructed/gate)
Locationnr South Cave, East Yorks
Wapping2,111 yds
Opened1830CompanyLiverpool & Manchester
Closed1972BoreDouble (unknown/unknown)
Wenvoe1,868 yds
Closed1963BoreDouble (fenced/gate)
Locationnr Cardiff
Combe Down1,829 yds
Opened1874CompanySomerset & Dorset
Closed1966BoreSingle (open/open)
Glenfield1,796 yds
Opened1832CompanyLeicester & Swannington
Closed1966BoreSingle (door/buried)
Locationnr Leicester
Harecastle South1,766 yds
Opened1848CompanyNorth Staffordshire
Closed1966BoreDouble (gate/unknown)
Locationnr Kidsgrove, Staffs
Burdale1,744 yds
Opened1853CompanyMalton & Driffield Junction
Closed1958BoreSingle (door/door)
Locationnr Malton, North Yorks
Sandsend (Deepgrove)1,652 yds
Opened1883CompanyWhitby Redcar & Middlesbrough Union
Closed1958BoreSingle (wall/collapsed)
LocationSandsend, North Yorks
Ramsgate (...Harbour)1,638 yds
Opened1863CompanySouth Eastern & Chatham
Closed1926BoreDouble (door/unknown)
LocationRamsgate, Kent
Cymmer (Caerau/Maesteg)1,595 yds
Opened1878CompanyLlynvi & Ogmore
Closed1970BoreSingle (door/buried)
Locationnr Maesteg, Sth Wales
Colwall Old1,567 yds
Opened1860CompanyGreat Western
Closed1926BoreSingle (door/unknown)
Locationnr Great Malvern
Lees Moor1,533 yds
Opened1884CompanyGreat Northern
Closed1956BoreDouble (gate/wall)
Locationnr Keighley, West Yorks
Thackley Old1,496 yds
Opened1845CompanyLeeds & Bradford
Closed1968BoreSingle (gate/gate)
Locationnr Shipley, West Yorks
Lydgate1,332 yds
Opened1856CompanyLondon & North Western
Closed1964BoreDouble (door/bricked)
Locationnr Oldham, Gtr Manchester
Pontypridd (Graig/Treforest)1,323 yds
Closed1951BoreDouble (door/bricked)
LocationPontypridd, Sth Wales
Boniface Down (Ventnor)1,313 yds
Opened1866CompanyIsle of Wight
Closed1966BoreSingle (door/door)
Locationnr Ventnor, Isle of Wight
London Road (Parkhead)1,313 yds
Closed1964BoreDouble (gate/door)
Clifton Hall1,298 yds
Opened1850CompanyLondon & North Western
Closed1953BoreDouble (buried/buried)
LocationPendlebury, Gtr Manchester
Barnsdale1,226 yds
Opened1885CompanyHull Barnsley & West Riding Junction
Closed1959BoreDouble (fenced/fenced)
Locationnr South Elmsall, Sth Yorks
Ballingham1,208 yds
Opened1855CompanyGreat Western
Closed1964BoreSingle (open/open)
Locationnr Hereford
Whitrope1,208 yds
Opened1862CompanyNorth British
Closed1969BoreDouble (gate/gate)
Locationnr Newcastleton, Scottish Borders
Mansfield Road1,189 yds
Opened1898CompanyGreat Central
Closed1968BoreDouble (door/buried)
Tidenham (Dennel Hill)1,188 yds
Opened1876CompanyWye Valley
Closed1986BoreSingle (fenced/gate)
Locationnr Chepstow, Monmouthshire
Pinnock1,173 yds
Opened1874CompanyCornwall Minerals
Closed1968BoreSingle (open/open)
Locationnr Fowey, Cornwall
Mapperley1,132 yds
Opened1876CompanyGreat Northern
Closed1960BoreDouble (buried/gate)
Locationnr Nottingham
Gyfylchi (Tonmawr/Pelena)1,109 yds
Opened1863CompanySouth Wales Mineral
Closed1947BoreSingle (door/buried)
Locationnr Maesteg
Haie Hill (Bullo)1,064 yds
Opened1854CompanySouth Wales
Closed1967BoreSingle (wall/door)
Locationnr Cinderford, Gloucs
Haddon1,058 yds
Closed1968BoreDouble (bricked/door)
Locationnr Bakewell, Derbyshire
Privett1,058 yds
Opened1903CompanyLondon & South Western
Closed1955BoreDouble (door/bricked)
Locationnr Peterfield, Hampshire
Clayton1,057 yds
Opened1878CompanyGreat Northern
Closed1963BoreDouble (door/buried)
Locationnr Bradford, West Yorkshire
Morlais (Miler)1,037 yds
Opened1879CompanyLondon & North Western
Closed1958BoreDouble (bricked/bricked)
Locationnr Merthyr Tydfil, Sth Wales
Kemp Town1,024 yds
Opened1869CompanyLondon Brighton & South Coast
Closed1971BoreSingle (door/buried)
Cwmcerwyn (Bryn)1,012 yds
Opened1897CompanyPort Talbot Railway & Docks
Closed1964BoreSingle (door/door)
LocationMaesteg, Sth Wales
Scotland Street1,008 yds
Opened1847CompanyEdinburgh Leith & Granton
Closed1868BoreDouble (buried/gate)
Annesley1,001 yds
Opened1892CompanyManchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire
Closed1968BoreDouble (buried/buried)
LocationKirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts

Key to portal status

fencedfence (full/partial) with no gategatefenced (full/part) with gate
wallpartial height walldoorfull height wall with door/gate
brickedfull height wallburiedportal lost beneath infill
openportal openobstructedportal open but partly obstructed
floodedportal open but liable to floodcollapsedportal partly collapsed